The quiet storm

Cobblers pose at the reachSorry for the long, long silence! I tried and failed a few blog posts, the main content of which was to try to express how confusing it all gets. Now, nearly a year into teaching already, and tripping over hurdles every other day. The learning curve has gotten steeper but so has my determination and resilience.

I have loved becoming more confident and sure of myself as a teacher at the same time as watching the ebb and flow of people coming to the classes. During this year I have set up a couple of new weekly classes and also been involved in a volunteer project, teaching yoga for a Charity which supports women from Asia called Roshni (which does incredible work by the way). All classes have been fairly quiet with a handful of people showing up most weeks. Weekly classes become 1-to-1 when a bug goes round, or those times of year when people are tightening their belts. This has given me valuable experience into tailoring classes to the audience I have and being flexible in the sort of flavour of the class. I have received such encouraging feedback and people that commit to a block of classes report noticing real differences in their health, sleeping better, less pain, and a more balanced approach to life.

I am now sure of the style of yoga I wish to teach. I usually describe it as a gentle and meditative form of hatha yoga. In the pace of the modern world it often feels like life speeds by, minutes tick away and time is wasted. I want to teach yoga that carefully decelerates our thoughts and fears, puts a break on anxieties and teaches us to watch what’s happening in every moment in slow motion. Observe the rhythmic breath, rises and falls of energy levels and the body’s perfect wisdom, listen to our intuition. Intuition is usually completely buried under ideas of ‘should’. I hope that by teaching yoga this strange manmade concept can be deconstructed in favour of a true and deep awareness of what are bodies and souls really need.

child pose at the reach

All in all I consider this first year an initiation into yoga teaching and I am ready to take the steps to the next level. My aims are to continue to provide the best teaching and support I can for every individual that sets themselves down on a mat in front of me by enhancing my knowledge, building understanding and engaging in every class with compassion. I want to reach out and make contact with more groups and people that could do with a bit of yoga, collaborate and network, but always careful not to lose the source of inspiration behind all this.

winter gardens SHAFF event.jpg




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