Why I love yoga

sunrise 005Currently I am meant to be writing an essay focusing on the benefits of yoga for women but I have diverged to this blog post, where I don’t need to be so refined.

The more I read, use, and consider the value of yoga the more I want to share.

It is versatile and can be adapted making it so incredibly useful for everyone, every age, state, physical and mental. With yoga we can help our baby release wind, show an anxious teenager how to slow down their thoughts, prepare a women to become a mother, face a trauma in our past, come to terms with death, feel the rhythm that pervades day to day life despite tough situations

Yoga works closely with the mind and enables us to untie the knots made in our heads that we didn’t even know about.

It shows us the value of our amazing bodies and makes us face the reality that this is the only one we have, in time we learn to take pride in caring for it.

Our emotions have more space and time to be processes when we sit with them and watch them. Anger is a very different thing when we strip it of thought association, blame and denial. Instead of feeling trapped by emotions we are companions of them and allow them to pass through us, taking all the time they need.

Joy and happiness, gratitude, contentment and peace are concepts I am beginning to understand, having experienced first hand. And having found where they are in my mind, waiting patiently underneath the commotion.

We move our awareness away from how we look to other people, we learn to stop condemning ourselves and stop judging unfairly.

By bringing our awareness into the expansive world in the mind we can clear cobwebs, open windows and really see what is happening.

Often we see ourselves in reality and develop self-compassion rather than self-pity.

Love rather than ego

Take a pause from criticising and notice how well we have done and continue to do

Finally we stop letting images in the media panic us into thinking we aren’t good enough.

We realise that everyone is fighting some sort of battle and we must try to be kind

Yoga helps us to read little signals that are bodies are showing us ‘now you are inspired so express yourself’, ‘now you are fidgeting so run’ ‘you are aching so now you can rest’…and sometimes the body says ‘you need chocolate cake and mini eggs’.

And yoga gives us courage to break an unhealthy routine which tramples all over your natural instincts.

Yoga has helped me to work tirelessly and lovingly on my relationship and spend time with the things and people that really matter.

Above all yoga can show us the path towards our best selves- instinctive, natural, focused, alert, compassionate.

I finally understand that this is the work of a lifetime but considering this may be the only lifetime I have it is worth it!

Despite continued efforts things don’t always go as planned. I still have unshiftable feelings of anxiety and fear and often blame the people I love the most. Lazy days, hopelessness, can’t be bothered-syndrome, feelings of inadequacy, clinginess I still say stupid things and wonder why I said that….and the list goes on!

Slowly learning to allow things to pass by and accept that we may be a bit on the difficult side sometimes but nothing is to be gained from resisting and all is to be gained from opening up, listening carefully, and being there for yourself.

And that’s why I love yoga and want to be a yoga teacher….




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